Giving up on SEO & Your Business?

Have you ever heard a business friend say, ‘SEO is not helping my business; I don’t want to try again’?

Let’s explore this with two perspectives. Imagine visiting a facial shop to treat dark, dull eyebags but seeing no change after the treatment. Do you think all eye bag treatments in the market are ineffective, or was it just this shop’s service that didn’t work for you?

These questions may seem similar but are different, much like questioning whether SEO is generally ineffective for your friend’s businesses or if it was just the service provider who didn’t deliver the results.

It’s crucial to reassess with an open mindset whether the issue lies with the vendor or with the SEO marketing aspects. While there are many forms of marketing, if you’ve tried them all and none have worked for your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t help businesses in general. It could be that other factors are at play, such as insufficient research and development (R&D) before marketing, leading to the wrong methodology for your business. Additionally, consider the sales strategy following marketing—is it strong enough to convert leads? If you’re getting reach but not leads, this could be a sign of a weak sales strategy.

It’s essential to ask: which specific steps of the SEO process went wrong? By identifying these, you can adjust your approach and improve results. Instead of concluding that SEO doesn’t help, focus on how it could be better tailored for your business or your friend’s business would be a better suggestable choice.

Second perspective is, what were your objectives when you hired the SEO service? Were you aiming for quick, instant sales or a sustainable increase in sales over time? Consider the volume and budget you had in mind. Understanding these factors can help you reassess your approach to SEO and set clearer expectations.


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